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Flower Directory is an online flower directory provides links to local flowers, gifts, freeze dried florist, fresh cut, flower by occasions, same day floral, floral delivery from around the world.

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Gift Registry
Total:  13
Allows registration for items at a wide number of stores.
Gift Aloud
Easily share gift lists with your friends and family for free.
Gift Registry 21
Multi-store gift registry service for all occasions.
My Gift Lists Online
A place where you can create, manage, and share multiple custom gift lists online.
MyRegistry.com - All Stores, One Registry!
The Ultimate, Universal, all purpose gift registry that allows the users to add items from literally ANY web site or brick and mortar store in the world.
Organized Registry
Organize multiple on-line registries for free.
Create custom wishlists, find a friend's list, gift ideas, invitations, event reminders, calendar.
SomeGiftIdeas gift registry
SomeGiftIdeas lets you share ideas, hints, or suggestions for gifts for your special day. You decide what you include and you can get your inspiration from anywhere.
Universal free online gift registry.
The Things I Want.com
Independent, free, personal, universal wishlist for birthdays, Christmas, weddings or baby showers.
Things I Love
A site for creating wish lists not associated with a particular store.
What To Get.Net
Create a personalized list for virtually any occasion and avoid duplicate gifts. Free service.
A free online wish list service. Let your friends and family know what you want for your birthday or Christmas.
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